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  • Akaki Tsereteli State University Graduated Medical Doctor 2007-2013.
  • Medical Academy of Belarus, specialty cardiologist 2016-2018.
  • Tbilisi State Medical University residency from 07.09.18-11.14.2019

Work experience:

  • Ltd. O. Chhobadze rehabilitation clinical center for the treatment of the disabled and the elderly – cardiology department (cardio-intensive care unit, cardiology general ward) junior doctor 15.07.2013-30.12.2015.
  • Rehabilitation Clinical Center for the Treatment of the Disabled and the Elderly named after O.Chkobadze Ltd. Cardiology Department (Cardiology General Ward) Doctor on duty 17.10.2014 – 30.12.2015.
  • O. Ghudushauri house National Medical Center Emergency Department Junior Doctor 01.09.2018-01.04.2019
  • O. Ghudushauri house National Medical Center from 01.04.19 junior duty doctor of cardiology department
    Junior doctor of the Cardiac Surgery Department of Gerars Clinic 11.02.2019 from
  • Zugdidi Republican Hospital – doctor cardiologist – from 01.11.2018 to 01.12.2019
  • Gormed Clinic, doctor, radiologist (ultrasonography of the heart) 01.06.2019-01.01.2020
  • Doctor on duty at Gerars Clinic Cardiac Surgery Department from 01.01.2020
  • Clinic Gerars cardiology/arrhythmology/intensive therapy – doctor of the day from 01.01.2020
  • Gerars Clinic Outpatient-consultant cardiologist, functional diagnostics (Holter, treadmill) from 01.03.2020 to 12.10.2020.
  • N. Bokhua house Cardiovascular Center – doctor on duty, cardiac surgery department from 01.05.2020 to today.
  • K. Eristavi house National Center of Surgery – Cardiologist on duty (cardiology-cardio-intensive department) from 01.12.2020 to today
  • MMT-hospital – cardiologist, cardio echoscopist, functional diagnostics (consultant, heart ultrasound, treadmill) – from 01.02.2021 to now.

Research experience/presentation:

  • Sudden cardiac death is a real problem of society – supervisor: Ketevan Jugheli 2010.
  • Brugada syndrome-early diagnosis and prevention- Supervisor: Ketevan Jugeli 2011.
  • Urgent conditions in cardiology 2016. Supervisor: Svetlana Racok
  • Atrial fibrillation: remodeling of the atrial tissue as a therapeutic agent and marker of the prognosis of treatment effectiveness in 2017. Supervisor: Svetlana Racok
  • Combined therapy with a diuretic and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor in the treatment of arterial hypertension 2018. Supervisor: Svetlana Racok

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