MMT Hospital – a leading urological clinic in the region. Thanks to the ultra-modern methods, constantly updated device and highly qualified medical staff, the hospital provides a complex, individual approach to each patient.

Urologist Guram Karazanashvili is a Doctor of Medical Science, Professor urologic oncologist, pediatric urologist, laureate of the Georgian National Prize and President of Onco-urology Association of Georgia.

Thanks to the Professor Guram karazanashvili’s medical and scientific activities of urological hub, Georgia several times brought the attention of the world urologists.

Professor Guram Karazanashvili worked out and inculcated the innovative new techniques for bladder cancer surgery, by which life-threatening further complications with total percentage data decreased from 30.3% to 5.08%; The video recording of cystectomy performed with these techniques was reported in 2018 at the congress of the American Association of Urologists and is brought in the Video Library of the American Association of Urologists.

This year, two scientific papers of MMT Hospital were accepted at the Congress of the American Association of Urologists:
· Targeted biopsy of prostate by micro-ultrasound control – a new standard in early diagnostics of prostate cancer.
· Results of cystectomy (bladder cancer surgery) performed by innovative technique developed by professor Guram KarazanaShvili – how the new techniques have reduced the complications of large-scale surgical intervention in the treatment of bladder cancer.

The motto of MMT Hospital is “Patient in the center of attention”, accordingly, the structure of the clinic is also appropriate to achieve maximum results of patient’s comfort and treatment. Urological hub of Professor Guram Karazanashvili with specialized centers operates at MMT Hospital, these are: Prostate Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Men’s Health Center, Center for Break Up of Stones, Women’s Urology Center, Pediatric Urology Center and Oncology Urology Center. In the hospital also operates gynecological, surgical and oncology services. A diagnostic center, where is carried out all kinds of radiological research at the highest level and, of course, a high-tech laboratory. Except for the consultation of leading urologists, MMT Hospital offers consultations of cardiologists, endocrinologist, gynecologist, surgeon and other highly qualified specialists.

Prostate Diagnostic and Treatment Center offers patients all the methods and services necessary for the most precise diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases, which are now being introduced even in the leading countries of the world: prostate micro-ultrasound – prostate examination with high resolution micro ultrasound; targeted biopsy of prostate with high resolution micro ultrasound, 100% diagnostic of prostate cancer with “Fusion” biopsy, by combining MRI and micro-ultrasound data; Focal One Ruth (robotic ultrasound therapy) treatment of prostate cancer with non-surgical, non-invasive, robotic method – revolutionary news that destroys localized prostate cancer without surgery in one day. Safe and “bloodless” / endoscopic surgeries of benign prostate enlargement with the ultra-modern device of the Japanese company / OLYMPUS system: bipolar TUR, plasma vaporization and enucleation. Men’s Health Center — is equipped with the device of the world’s leading company STORZ DUOLITH, by which is carried out the treatment of chronic prostatitis and pain syndrome with the latest method. Painless, non-invasive, acceptable for any age, safe and highly effective shock-wave therapy provides restoration of prostate blood circulation and function, pain relief and erectile function improvements;

“STORZ” center for breakup of stones — the center equipped with ultra-modem device. For the treatment of urolithiasis diseases is performed guaranteed non-surgical treatment of any size and composition stones of kidney and ureter. All size, shape and composition stones, including coral stones are broken up thanks to the precise, powerful, painless waves and flawless, digital visualization of STORZ’s MODULITH SLX-F2 device. The patient is discharged from hospital on the same day and most importantly, there is no restriction on the patient’s weight, but for children and pregnant women there is a special program to break up the stone.

Laparoscopic Center of MMT Hospital — specialists of the Laparoscopic Center of MMT Hospital use laparoscopic treatment methods in urology, gynecology and abdominal surgery, in accordance with world medical standards. The center serves adults, adolescents and children. The advantages of the laparoscopic method are:
· Less invasion
· Rapid rehabilitation – the patient does not require special care, bed rest, physical activity restrictions · · · Without postoperative complications (no hernia, healing, etc.) operation with video surveillance
· Less time spent in hospital.

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